Implementation Plan-Blended Learning

Implementation Plan-Blended Learning SS

  1. Overview– Our goal in 6th grade Social Studies is to create a blended learning model in our classrooms using a rotation model. Through this program we can increase student engagement, motivation and differentiate learning for our students. Technology will be used as a tool to support the learning and will not be the sole focus.

Year One:

  1. First 2 months (Set-up)-
    1. Professional Development with other Social Studies teachers to understand blended learning and the “why” behind it.
      1. Social Studies teachers will review curriculum, existing content and team resources
      2. Use existing Notes to create content delivery videos
      3. Create basic shell outline in Canvas for technology driven self-paced content
    2. Review existing technology content provided to the district
    3. Incorporate district learning initiatives into content
    4. Begin designing stations, learning activities and working on timing and pacing with updated school schedule.
    5. Create student expectations and procedures for stations and transitioning
    6. Create parent/student information regarding blended learning
    7. Review outline and make adjustments where needed
    8. PLC- evaluate set-up plan and make adjustments as needed.
  1. 3-4 Months (Implementation)-
    1. Finalize initial Unit of self-paced content in Canvas
    2. Finalize learning activities of the first few Units
    3. Begin reviewing expectations with students
    4. Set Up classroom learning stations
    5. Begin blended learning rotations
    6. PLC- evaluate implementation plans and make adjustments as needed
  1. 5-6 Months (Evaluate and Adjust)-
    1. Work through the blended learning model with students
    2. Evaluate and document what is working well and what is not
    3. PLC- discuss adjustments that need to be made, continue creating content. Evaluate initial CFA Data
  2. 7 months and beyond (Monitor, Evaluate and Adjust)
    1. Continue blended learning model, make adjustments as needed
    2. Model for other departments and school leadership
    3. Continue working to improve the model for student learning

Year 2

  1. Summer PD-
    1. Meet with department for evaluation and feedback of the progress of blended learning model
    2. Gather data to present to campus, district leadership
    3. Work on expansion of blended learning
    4. Use data an feedback to adapt blended learning plan for upcoming year
    5. Create training for staff interested in using the blended learning model
  2. Fall-
    1. Follow set-up plan for Year One
    2. Create support pieces for teachers who are joining the blended learning model