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How to change the world (a work in progress). (2013, December 19). Retrieved February 04, 2018, from

In EDLD 5318, we are tasked with creating an online course. As I was preparing my course this week I reviewed this video from Kid President and I realized that is what this program is all about. Sometimes you are helping to change the world without even realizing it. As I create blended and online learning opportunities I am part of a huge educational change for my students as well as for myself. Going through these classes has really helped me to look at learning with a new lens.  It has also helped me to purposefully design my online learning experience for my students.

During this course I designed an online course for a government unit for 6th graders. I incorporated a variety of activities to learn concepts and engage students in the learning. The culminating project is for students to create and idea and presentation for civic change.

Outline for Online Government Course for 6th graders

Week 1-

TEK 6.12 Government. The student understands various ways in which people organize governments.


Learning Activities

·       Week 1 class discussion

·       Video-Singing History Teachers

·       ICivics-Reading and vocabulary

·       Newsela article-What is Activism?


·       Discussion participation

·       Article- responses to questions

Week 2

TEK 6.13 Citizenship. The student understands that the nature of citizenship varies among societies.

6.2 History The student will understand the influence of ancient Greeks on the idea of Democracy

6.14A Identify and explain the duty of civic participation in societies with representative governments

·       Week 2 Discussion

·       Newsela-Ancient Greeks

·       ICivics Game- Responsibility Launcher

·       Video conference/recording with government official

·       Discussion participations

·       Article-responses to questions

·       Common Formative Assessment-

Week # and standards alignment Learning Activities Assessment
Week 3 – Civic Responsibility and Countries around the world

6.13B explain how opportunities for citizens to participate in and influence the political process vary among various contemporary societies

6.23B use a decision-making process to identify a situation that requires a decision and gather information



·       Citizen Me Readings

·       Trip Around the World Readings and graph

·       Stepping Up Video and Graphic organizer (KQED News)

·       Citizen Me – Ted’s big Day Graphic organizer

·       Flipgrid Class Discussion

Week 4 Making a Plan for Civic Action

6.23B use a decision-making process to identify a situation that requires a decision, gather information, identify options, predict consequences and take action to implement a decision


differentiate between, locate, and use valid primary and secondary sources such as computer

software; interviews; biographies; oral, print, and visual material; and artifacts to acquire

information about various world cultures



·       Students Engage lesson

·       Kid President Video- How to change the world

·       Project Research activities

·       Week 4 Discussion

·       Common Formative Assessment Quiz Civic Rights and Responsibilities-explaining the difference between rights and responsibilities

·       Planning guide for Civic Action Project

Week 5  Creating a project


incorporate main and supporting ideas in verbal and written communication based on research


express ideas orally based on research and experiences


create written and visual material such as journal entries, reports, graphic organizers, outlines,

and bibliographies based on research


·       Research and organize materials for presentation

·       Week 5 discussion

·       Project Presentation created for city, state or government leader calling for change

·       Week 5 Exit ticket


Week 6 Wrapping it all Up

Students will share work with class and review and complete assessment of standards

·       Sharing work with the class

·       Review games of government and common formative assessments

·       Student and government leader feedback google form

·       Unit Test Government

Thoughts for the Future

After designing this course I have some ideas for future units that I could update into online courses:

Modern World UnitCurrently I am involved with curriculum revision for my district grade level. We are reordering and creating new units for our 6th graders next year. We want to create a unit over the modern world and a look at issues around the world today.  I think this would be a great unit to design into an online course. There is are so many resources we could pull in using technology.

Summer LearningDuring the summer I have been asked to create a presentation for teachers at our summer learning summit. While I need to complete a portion of it in face-to-face instruction, I would like to create an online component for teachers to follow in the summer. My focus would be blended learning since that is my innovation plan. I think it would be very helpful to teachers to have a course they could go through at their own pace to learn more about blended. There are so many teachers who are overwhelmed by technology. It is one of my goals to help them make it more useful to them.


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