The Why of the Matter…

Why– We believe students deserve an environment that will be positive, engaging and foster a love of learning.

How– We create authentic learning environments for our students that will stimulate learning and engagement using a blended learning model.

What We will equip students to learn how to learn and take ownership of their learning.

What do we want for our students? That is the question we revisit as we start a new school year. Every teacher I work with wants to help their students succeed. We all care about them and want them to grow into responsible, caring citizens of the world. There seems to be a disconnect when students reach middle school. Some kids lose that interest and love for learning as they transition. I believe we should focus on creating that positive and engaging environment for them. In social studies class, I want to open up my students eyes to the world outside of their little town.

“The difference between what we are doing and what we are capable of doing would solve most of the world’s problems.” (Ghandi)

Through blended learning we can create more authentic learning experiences and engage our students at a higher level. Blended learning will also allow us to reach more students. We have a team of awesome teachers that want to do everything we are capable of to help students. Why do we want to do this? Because for our kids, it is crucial that we foster that positive love of learning. We say often that they are the future and it’s true. Our world is changing so quickly they need to be up to the task. I want to be a part of helping build our future.


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