Right now is the time for innovation

Technology is all around us. Many of us can’t remember how we got through life without our smartphones. However, often times when technology is used in our classrooms it is just a substitute for a worksheet. Technology should not be the driving force but instead be a pathway to make learning happen. Making the technology work for us in the classroom will help take student learning to the next level. The time is now…


This year, I will be piloting a blended learning plan using the station rotation model in my classroom. Creating a student centered, personalized learning experience will be the focus of this plan with technology being utilized in a manner that enhances the learning.

There is a variety of literature and research to support blended learning. I have completed a literature review of several resources to help understand how blended learning can impact learning for students and increase student engagement.  It is important to understand the key components of blended learning:

  • part of the learning is through online content
  • students have control over some of the time, place, path or place of their learning

       (Clayton Christensen Institute)

These are the two factors that I believe are the most important and will allow for student engagement, differentiation and personalized learning for our students. In my implementation plan, I outline a timeline for introducing blended learning into my 6th grade Social Studies department. 


As I venture forth in this plan, I will continue to learn from others who have gone ahead of me. My blended learning resources list contains articles, books and other sources that I will add to throughout the year. In addition, I will document the implementation through this blog.


Now is the time to start the journey into blended learning for my students. I am excited to see the new opportunities that will unfold this year. It is my hope that I will be able to create the best learning environment for my students. They will experience success and engagement in their learning like never before. The time starts now!




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