So what have I learned from others examples?

I am wrapping up my class on building out this website, otherwise known as my eportfolio.  I’ve been tinkering with this for weeks now.  I’ve looked at examples from those who have gone before me and my classmates. What have I learned from this you ask?   That I will never be happy with my eportfolio.  It will ALWAYS be a work in progress.

I guess in the end that is a good thing because I will continue to learn new things and want to improve. When I look at this site I want it to really reflect on me, who I am and who I want to become in this journey.  I’m still very nervous, especially since I am going to now be sharing this with others.  I am gaining confidence as I go and one day I can look back at how far I’ve come.

As my title says this is an adventure!


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