Why an Eportfolio?

I think the most meaningful and exciting thing about Eportfolios to me is that they are visual evidence of learning.  I have been teaching for 18 years.  I have been incorporating technology for most of those years.  I know that I have been guilty of using technology for technologies sake in the past.  Through my learning in this program, I am truly inspired to use technology to enhance and demonstrate evidence of learning.  As I write more blogs they give me a chance to show the evidence of my learning and I see what a powerful tool this is not just for me but also my students.

As I create these entries, I am constantly reflecting on my learning and how can I apply it in my organization.  This is much more impactful than a test or paper that will go in a file cabinet when I am done.  And of course I am always thinking how can this impact my students.  How can they show me visible evidence of their learning beyond the standardized test and unit assessments?  It is exciting to think about how it could impact students.

Most of all this Eportfolio is for me.  It helps me reflect on what I am capable of.  It is helping me continue to foster my growth mindset as I look at each post and review what I have done and where I started.  It also helps me focus on where I want this process to lead, my future goals.

I love this short video about how blogging can change your life.


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