Learning Networks

Learning Networks are important tools in education.  Throughout my career I have learned many instructional strategies through these networks.  Since starting my first graduate class I have joined several more.  Currently, I am just a consumer of information.  Up until now, I have really only shared my expertise and knowledge with my school colleagues. As I move through this process I look forward to adding my experience to many of these online learning communities.

Currently, I follow several learning networks on social media, like Mindshift and Edutopia.  When my school used Edmodo as a learning management tool, I followed several of the subject based groups like Social Studies and Flipped Classroom. So far, I have really just been a consumer of the information.  I have found several useful articles and tips in these various networks.  I can also find encouragement in reading other educators experiences and comments.

Through the class discussion post I was introduced to learning networks such as CommonSense.org and ITSE.  I have also followed Free Technology for Teachers on Facebook.  All of these networks have added to my frame of reference as I further my learning.

I have also finally joined Twitter (@mlbteach).  I’ve been resistant to engaging in another social media account but only being on Twitter a short time I have already come across lots of information and thought provoking tweets.   As I continue this journey I know I will continue to add many networks and begin contributing.

Learning Networks:









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