Learning Manifesto

What are the things I believe in as an educator?  This was my task for my learning manifesto. I really enjoyed working on my learning manifesto.  This was my favorite assignment during the Concepts of Educational Technology course.  As I created this assignment, I felt like I was really showing my voice and taking the ownership from the COVA model.  Getting to choose my format and really working with a product that I could show my learning through creativity was great.   In the beginning, it actually frustrated me.  I wanted to know what am I supposed to create? What should it look like?  But as I have gone forward in this class I see that the process is what is really helping me learn.

This is what I want for my students.  I want them to develop their learning using their choice, voice, ownership and authenticity.  Ownership and authenticity are also so important.  I know that what I am creating here is not just a paper going into a file never to be seen again.  It is a living document for others to use and hopefully learn from as well.

My Learning Manifesto is what I believe and what I want the rest of my career in education to be about.  Alan November’s work on technology is something I am really getting into and looking forward to studying more moving forward.  As I move forward I am asking myself a question he asks, “What am I currently doing withing my curriculum that I could be doing better by using technology?”

November, Alan.  (2017, January 23) Crafting a Vison Empowering Learning and Teaching: Beyond the $1,000 Pencil.  Retrieved from: http://novemberlearning.com/educational-resources-for-educators/teaching-and-learning-articles/crafting-vision-empowered-learning-teaching-beyond-1000-pencil/

My Learning Manifesto:


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