Growth Mindset and Me

As I journey through my first graduate course in Digital Learning and Leading, working on my growth mindset has become very important.  I have been faced with challenges over this course.  Looking at things with a growth mindset has helped me to persevere. In developing my growth mindset plan, I looked first at myself.  What are the things that I struggle with as far as my growth mindset? I definitely had a fear of failure.  Is this the right thing?  Am I doing this right?  Am I just giving up because it doesn’t work.

Thinking about myself, I realize that I was doing some of the same things as my students.  I was encouraging them but not having that same confidence in myself.  Telling them that it was OK to fail but not believing it myself.  So I am learning to recognize those characteristics in myself and work on change.  Writing a blog like this and putting my digital self out there beyond friends on Facebook is a terrifying proposition but here I am.

So as I begin this journey into Digital Learning and Leading I am excited yet nervous but I will continue and reflect on my mindset as I go.

Here is my personal growth mindset plan:


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